Please download the following worksheets applicable to your tax circumstances, to assist in preparing your Tax Returns

2017 Tax Return Worksheet

Taxincentives Rental Property Schedule

Tax Incentives Pty Ltd Motor Vehicle Logbook

Tax Incentives Pty Ltd Motor Vehicle Cents per KM

Work Related Travel Expenses Worksheet

Travel Diary

Truck Drivers Questionnaire

Tax Incentives Pty Ltd Home Office Expenses



** Please Note – every taxpayers circumstances is different so fill in the relevant information applicable to specific occupation/business activity **    

When you have fill them out you can scan and email to me, as well as other supporting documentations i.e.

PAYG Payment Summary, Labour Hire Payment Summary, Agents Rental Statements etc

email them to either ;    or

Please let me know if you require any other worksheet specific to the circumstances

Kind Regards,

Angelo Sangiorgi